$10 Commission Special!

[[A/N: Would you like to see YOUR character drawn in the style above? Or any character you want? For only $10, you can! PLUS you’ll get 4 stickers of that drawing for FREE!

What the hell are you talking about?

I’m doing commissions in the style of my animal stickers for only $10. I don’t know how long I’ll offer this special, but it’s going on until I say otherwise.

Pick a character; any character! human, animal, your fursona, Minecraftian mob, Homestuck troll, My Little Pony, whatever. I’ll draw it in this cute, round style and send you 4 free stickers.

This is an $18 value, for only $10! Shipping on the stickers is FREE! I’ll put a link of your choosing on the edge (your deviantart, tumblr, whatever you want) or no link at all.

What else should I know?

-To order, just email me at greysflood@gmail.com. Tell me what you’d like me to draw, attach references if possible. I’ll confirm the order before I start. You don’t have to pay me until I finish your order. I accept payment through PayPal.

-I’ll need your mailing address if you want the stickers.

-I won’t sell your commission to ANYONE else. The stickers will go to YOU and you only; they will never be sold to anyone but you. You will receive 4 stickers free; if you want more, they must be purchased. My stickers are only $2 each, including shipping!

-Limit one character per drawing. If you want me to draw multiple characters, check out my regular commission info.

* * *

That’s it! For the record, that pic is of Enderbro and his (yet to be introduced) giraffe, Jaffy. XD This sticker is also for sale for $2! Just email me if you’d like one.]]


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