fireworkfrenzy said: Hi! I was just wondering how you make your awesome comics! You don't have have to share if you don't want and I won't copy any of your work or anything. Thanks anyway!

[[Author: Hi! For Enderbro comics, I just doodle them in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. I draw a lineart layer and make a color layer underneath. For my other comics, I sketch concepts on paper first, then draw the final versions also in Photoshop. I use Photoshop CS2 which is super old, but it loads fast and it does the job.]]

Anonymous said: If Steve has blue eyes, then how come in your drawings, they are drawn as brown? (Please don't take this as criticism I'm just wondering)

[[Author]]: Brown? I never make them brown. I usually make them black, because it’s easier to use the same color as the lineart and it makes them look more cartoony.


Vyyr: Perhaps I shouldn’t have let Steve have so much of my moonshine. Though this is highly entertaining.

Enderbro: Steve look. 

I made Gordon a flower crown.

Steve: Woooooooooooo! PANTS NEXT!
Vyyr: ….. Ok I think I’ll stop him no - Oh my. Too late.


[Enderbro]: other endermen are starting blogs

Vyyrs blog is a blog that is a good blog


* * *

[[Author]]: I love that Gordon has a flower crown too…XD

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I got a cute commission from the artist of the adorable Enderbro blog, Greys, (See the first picture!) and I got to thinking…. Vyyr CAN be a bit of a drunk sometimes, considering he can get strong enough stuff.

That strong alcohol comes in the form of Wolfblood Moonshine, made by an odd blacksmith named Luka in the story Vyyr is from, and it is almost pure alcohol. And that shit is STRONG! Takes two glasses to get Vyyr drunk, and he’s hammered at three, and completely drooling-on-the-floor sloshed at four. Vyyr is generally a very calm drunk that will just flop by the fire and purr like an overgrown cat or tell long stories about his young days.

Luka could advertise as “Wolfblood Moonshine; So strong even an Enderman can drink it!”

Anyway, as I see it, Vyyr thought it would be amusing to see how much Wolfblood Moonshine Steve can handle! A little drunk already, Vyyr is HIGHLY amused by the human asking for more when he can barely stand on his own two feet!
I imagine that once Steve realizes he has a potential drunk-buddy, he might forgive Vyyr for showing Enderbro how funny it is to put a flower crown on his head! xD

[Steve]: Endermead!

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[$5 Commissions Open] Your Minecraft Avatar: featuring Enderbro!

[[Author]]: Soooo my car needs gas. Who wants a $5 drawing? 

I will draw a fully-colored picture of your Minecraft skin or original character interacting with Enderbro, in the style of this blog. Only $5 per picture! You can choose what you want the characters to be doing, or I can randomize it for you.


-Send me an email at

-Include a picture of your Minecraft skin/Original Character and a brief explanation of what it is. It’s recommended that you include a photo of its non-pixelated counterpart of the skin if it’s an existing character, like a Lord of the Rings or a Star Trek character or something, just so I can make sure my version is accurate.

-I can only accept payments through Paypal. You pay only after the image is complete! You’ll receive a tiny thumbnail version as proof, then the large image once payment is received.

ok thank

Also I’m running a contest for my other comic right now which ends on the 15th, so Enderbro updates will be coming sometime soon after that.

The Draconic Alliance - Fan art



[A/N : Guys I’m so excited by all of this ! CAN’T WAIT FOR A CONFRONTATION OR SOMETHING <3 I just hope that Steve and Alex will survive because … Well, shit son, you got two dragon-like creatures after you guys.

About Herabrine’s power - I assumed that “she” has some electric power because it’s similar to lazers I guess … And maybe some water power, since the elder guardians live in the ocean, which explain why the lightning looks a little misty.

 Anyway, her powers are only a supposition, so it’s probably not canon.  ^^




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[[Author]]: Since I’m able to be more active with the blog right now, Anonymous asks are back on until further notice.

This blog has answered over 2000+ questions, so if yours isn’t answered, that means it may have already been answered in the past. Or, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet!



[Alex]: The days are awesome! But at night, I always have dreams that  monsters come out and kill me. They’re waaay too real.

[Steve]: Wait a minute…

Alex, those aren’t dreams! You are actually being killed and…and…respawning?!

That must mean you’re a PLAYER!

[Alex]: You’re so weird, Steve.

[[Author: I just realized…

Alex looks like beardless Jeb.

Help me scoop up my brains because my HEAD JUST EXPLODED]]


[Herabrine has joined the game!]

[[Author]]: A little note to help new followers catch up with the blog’s main plot…

Steve is the “Player”, a human who is granted immortality until he kills the enderdragon. Herobrine is an evil entity who is forced to take the form of the Player until the Player dies, after which he will become a dragon.

Now that there are two Players…

Two Herobrines??

Player Hater

all this time

[Enderbro]: nothing to write home about

prepare the ship’s canons

[Steve]: Wait…You write fanfiction about…Me…?

[Enderbro]: don’t censor me Steve

my story has 2 favorites on fanfiction.butt

it has made me a famous internet author

Tip For The New, Reminder For The Old

[Steve]: Remember when this blog was good? 

Yeah, me either.

Just a friendly tip for new followers that you can view posts in chronological order! Watch the blog’s quality spiral downward into the void at your own pace! Wooo!