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Minecraft Selfie


but first, a selfie


what is life

Enderbro and the Marker




[[A/N: oh my god all I do is work

here are some sketches hhhhhhh]]

Girl Creeper

Bouncy Block

[Steve]: FINALLY! I’ve always wanted one of these:


This Mite Sting







[Enderbro]: they are itchy and not fashionable


This is mah Enderbro sculpture I made to honor ENDERBRO <3

I heard that The-Greys, or the creator of enderbro, is going through some tough times, so I (tried) to make this statue in her honor! YAY! You are making it through! Congrats! :,D

This is Enderbro giving you an enderwiggle for luck on top of Gordon.

[Enderbro]: dancing in honor of the newly planted sapling behind me

gordon is dancing too


[[A/N: Thank you so much, this is amazingly awesome! I’m doing okay financially now, but still working full-time. Blog is still on hiatus until further notice. Your support is so appreciated!!]

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fungus-soup said: Do you have a PayPal account or some other place where we can donate a few bucks and give you a helping hand?

[[A/N: That is really really kind of you, but I can’t in good conscience accept donations. I have a decent job now and I’m making it through. There are people out there in much worse shape than me who need it more. Thank you though, that’s very thoughtful.]]

[[A/N: OKAY I’m gettin pretty sick of this shit guys. I’m getting these messages multiple times a week so this is the last time I’m going to explain this:

This blog stopped updating because I lost my job and had to scramble to pay rent and find another one. Then I got really sick for several months, had to be hospitalized, and my fucking apartment burned down

I moved to another apartment while working hard to get decent hours at my new job. Finally I got some decent hours and moved AGAIN to my current place. I’m working full time now. I HAVE to, because being hospitalized isn’t free. I owe thousands of dollars in medical bills, and all other expenses such as rent, utilities, etc. that come with life. 

I can’t even afford a bed to sleep on right now. I’ve been sleeping on a couch for over a month. When I’m not at work or doing everyday chores and errands, I’m working on my original comic which is more important to me than a fan comic.

Why am I not updating? Because I’m working 40 hours a week, I’m broke, I’m stressed out, and not at all motivated or inspired. Is this blog dead? Not necessarily. If I FEEL like updating, I will. It may not be for a very long time. 

My health and finances are way more important to me than a goofy fan blog. When you’re dead-tired, depressed, and constantly scrambling to get your life together, would your first priority be “update your blog”? 

I hope not.

No more of these messages. Please.]]

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cactusblock said: Is this dead?

[[A/N: I’ve been sick since September, my apartment burned down in October, I was hospitalized in November, I’m still really sick, I have thousands of dollars in medical bills I can’t pay, and I’m horrifically depressed. Updating this blog isn’t high on my list of priorities right now.]]

I’m the worst employee.

Also my face looks like a redstone block whooooops that’s what happens when you work in a grease bucket.

lights out